Travel guide to Pagudpud & Ilocos and Tourist Spot including UNESCO World Heritage site and coral sand beach with map for your convenient travels


Access to Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte



NAIA*1 -(by air)- Laoag -(by bus)- Papudpud

Arriving at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Metro Manila and going to Laoag International Airport, where is nearest airport to Pagudpud, by air.

  • 1 hour from NAIA in Metro Manila to Laoag International Airport

    • Flight schedule from NAIA to Laoag International Airport is here as a reference.

    • Transfer guide in NAIA is here
      • Terminal 1: Other international airlines such as Delta or JAL except four airlines mentioned below
      • Terminal 2: Philippine Airline
      • Terminal 3: Cebu Pacific Airline, Airphil Express and ANA

    • Location of Terminal 1, 2 and 3 of NAIA is shown here

    • Map of Laoag International Airport is here

  • 2 hours from Laoag International Airport to Pagudpud by car.

DMIA*2-(by bus/car)- (Vigan) - Laoag - Pagudpud

Arriving at Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA) in Metro Clark and going to Pagudpud by bus or by car.

  • Available cities of having direct international and domestic flights to DMIA are as follows.
    • Hong Kong
    • Incheon
    • Singapore
    • Kuala Lumpur
    • Kota Kinabalu
    • Macau
    • Caticlan (Ilo Ilo island, Philippines)

  • No direct flight from DMIA to Laoag

  • Map of DMIA and Dau Bus Terminal is here

  • Please refer to the below for more information on bus transportation from Clark to Pagudpud.


  • Approx.10 or 8 hours from Metro Manila and Metro Clark to Laoag city respectively by bus or car
  • Minus 2 hours to Vigan
  • Plus 2 hours to Pagudpud

From Metro Manila

  • Bus transportation bound for Ilocos Norte Province and Cagayan Province

    • You have bus terminals, which is Sampaloc and Cubao, bound for
      • Laoag,
      • Pagudpud;
      • Claveria or JCT.Luna in Cagayan.

      • Sampaloc Terminal has more transportation than Cubao Terminal.

      • In case you choose bus bound for Cagayan, you get off at Maouni bus station at the entrance of Pagudpud along Pan-Philippine Highway.
        Then, you can get on a tricycle to your staying place or a pick-up car from your hotel.
      • In case you choose bus of Laoag end point destination, please see the below for transfer of the bus.

    • It is advisable to bring clothes to keep you warm in the bus because their air-con will tend to over-cool.

    • One of budgetary transportation from NAIA to Bus Terminal is as follows.
      • To Cubao Terminal
      1. (1) To get on Shuttle Bus or taxi from NAIA to MRT-3 Taft Avenue Station
      2. (2) To ride MRT-3 from Taft Avenue to Cubao
      3. (3) To get on jeepney or walk approx. 700m from MRT-3 Cubao to Bus Terminal along EDSA

      • To Sampaloc Terminal
      1. (1) To get on Shuttle Bus or taxi from NAIA near to LRT-1 EDSA-Taft Station
      2. (2) To ride LRT-1 from EDSA-Taft Station to Doroteo Jose Station
      3. (3) To get on jeepney from LRT-1 Doroteo Jose Station to Florida Bus Terminal near the intersection of Arsenio H. Lacson Avenue and Espana Boulevard.

From Clark

  • Bus terminal bound for Pagudpud in Clark area is Dau bus terminal.

    • Please refer to Map of DMIA for location detail of Clark Airport (DMIA) and Dau bus terminal.
      • It takes approx. 15 min. by taxi between DMIA to Dau bus terminal.

    • In peak season, we recommend those who use bus transportation

      • to make reservation for Pagudpud in advance and/or

      • to get to Laoag first and transfer to Pagudpud at Laoag bus terminal
        because the bus starting from Metro Manila bounds for Pagudpud directly will be provably full occupied and omit to pick up passengers at Dau Bus Terminal in peak season.

      • RCJ Lines provably pass through Dau Bus Terminal recently.

From Laoag

  • Approx. 20 minutes by tricycle or taxi from Laoag International Airport to bus terminal for Pugudpud in Laoag city, town proper.

    • Please refer to here for the location of the bus terminal bound for Pagudpud in Laoag.

    • Public bus from Laoag to Pugudpud ordinary does not provide air-con, and one-way fare is about 60-70 pesos recently.

  • 2 hours from Laoag International Airport to Pagudpud beach side by car

  • 1.5 or 2 hours from Laoag city to Pagudpud by car or bus respectively

  • 10-20 minutes from Pagudputd town proper to beach side resort by car or tricycle

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*1 Manila Int'l Airport
*2 Clark Int'l Airport

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